International nonprofit association promoting multiculturalism and diplomacy.

Our initiatives bring countries closer together and connect cultures. We are now present in more than 30 countries worldwide.


We connect

We connect our members with public officials, embassies, politicians and other institutions to gain a first hand experience into the international and diplomatic world.


We are maintaining and expanding the first network of people from all over the world, from all walks of life, with shared values of openness, curiosity and peace towards other countries and cultures. Students, entrepreneurs, diplomats, journalists, researchers, artists, and more are actively involved in sharing their culture and creating bridges.


Through our network of official institutions, partner societies, NGO and humanitarian organizations, international associations, embassies, politicians, artists and creators ; we are able to provide our members with many opportunities of connection and exchanges. We tailor these exchanges to their personal goals, interests and projects. We provide members with opportunities to connect with people oversees and facilitate their travelling and experiences abroad. We connect project leaders with Embassies to help them achieve their objectives.

We inform

We produce and publish articles, videos, interviews and other informative graphics through a digital media approach.


The association is organising and facilitating many kinds of events from cultural exhibitions, forums, receptions, panel discussions, gala dinners, afterworks, embassy visits, informal conversation and networking evenings, interviews and Q&As, roundtables, seminars, digital live events, social meetups, conferences, masterclasses, working trips, etc.


We are an important connection between Young People and their initiatives around the world, and we give them a voice on a Worldwide platform to achieve their own projects. We connect people from all fields, from all walks of life, from anywhere around the world and from any occupational activity (students or professionals) together. With these connections, many projects arise inside our organisation such as a podcast series or a cross-continent network platform on Discord.





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We are currently present in more than 27 countries and on all continents thanks to our network of ambassadors

We are collaborating with many Embassies and diplomatic Institutions all around the World.








Head Office: Rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris

Secondary Offices: Dublin – London