International nonprofit association promoting multiculturalism and diplomacy.

Our initiatives bring countries closer together and connect cultures. We are now present in more than 25 countries worldwide.



The Organisation

• A registered nonprofit association



• Anyone can become a member

• Ordinary Membership is free

• Other premium Memberships have a specific fee and annual contribution




What is the Association doing?


The Association aims to make Diplomacy, Multiculturalism and International Affairs initiatives and institutions more accessible, appealing and better known to people. We therefore invest a major part of our effort and energy to building and maintaining a network of professional diplomats of all kinds, of diplomacy enthusiasts (strongly passionate or simply curious and interested), of THE SONAR Ambassadors which are the Association’s Ambassadors of Cultures and shared values.

We are an important connection between Young People and their initiatives around the world, and we give them a voice on a Worldwide platform. We connect people from all fields, from all walks of life, from anywhere around the world and from any occupational activity (students or professionals) together.


We actively innovate through a Digital Media and offer new ways of informing people with a transparent, politically neutral and engaging approach of information.

This Digital Media consists of Instagram @thesonar.diplomacy (with IGTV videos adapted to mobile phones ; interviews of diplomats, ambassadors and more ; fun and exciting videos ; news posts ; unusual and interesting facts graphics ; etc.); LinkedIn (our official announcements and updates regarding our Ambassadors); Twitter @THESONARdiplo, TikTok (with upcoming exclusive video formats) and Facebook.

We promote other initiatives and projects from other societies and organisations that share our values.


A rich variety of Events is organised or promoted by the Association which includes talks, interviews and debates in our partner Universities and Institutions in several cities where our Ambassadors or the Executive Board are based (open to the general public).

We organise exceptional visits of Embassies and other official Institutions for all our members, allowing them to explore the fascinating backstage of diplomacy.

THE SONAR Diplomacy also organises special Receptions and meetings with Diplomats, and inspiring people from all areas of expertise (for our members only).


Activities and opportunities





THE SONAR is derived into several projects. THE SONAR DIPLOMACY is one of them. The guiding principles of THE SONAR are internationalism and global impacts.