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Our initiatives bring countries closer together and connect cultures. We are now present in more than 25 countries worldwide.


Become THE SONAR Ambassador

Join the first Multicultural Network Worlwide and become an Ambassador

Being THE SONAR Ambassador for your country, means you will represent your culture and your Country, as well as discovering the backstage of Diplomacy and getting a first hand experience in the World of Foreign Affairs and Multiculturalism.


You currently live / lived / come from / are a citizen from a country that you would like to Represent.

In your role as THE SONAR Ambassador you will represent this country at Official Meetings and Events. You will also the Association at Embassies and other official Institutions.

You will have a platform, to create and achieve your personal projects, to get involved in various fields, to innovate in cultures bridges initiatives, with the legitimacy of an association behind with an established contacts and relationships network.

You will be provided with…

Following your Application, you will hear back from the Executive Board of the Association

What are the requirements ?