International nonprofit association promoting multiculturalism and diplomacy.

Our initiatives bring countries closer together and connect cultures. We are now present in more than 25 countries worldwide.


Institution Governance

Who are we?

Like any organisation, we have a core team that manages daily affairs. This team is our Executive Board. It consists of a group of dedicated members each having their own resort and team. Together, they handle the organisation throughout the year, from our online presence over growth and connection to internal events and the things we publish. Certain Executive Board members rely on teams to help them with their tasks. Perhaps most notably our social media team, consisting of several people. All of this is overlooked then by our Adminstrative Board, that is partially made up of regular members, voted in on an annual basis. They oversee the big changes of our organisation, elect the executive board and handle legal affairs. The core of our organisation then is our league of THE SONAR Ambassadors, that each represent the country of their origin within THE SONAR DIPLOMACY. They provide ideas and work on delivering exciting opportunities to our members all year round. Each of them goes through a rather selective application process and is chosen by the Executive Board.

Executive Board

Yann Blake

Delegate General

Hippolyte Pérès

Digital Communication Director

Victor Navaridas

Partnership and Sponsorship Director

Ella Burkett

Talent Acquisition Director

Manon Laval Quéguiner

Secretary General

Joona Mäkinen

Institutional and Public Relations Director

Soligah Solomons

Editorial Director

Cian O'Gorman

Events Director

Each Department consists of approximately 10 members working alongside each director.

Administrative Board

Agathe Flambard, President

Zorana Foley, Vice President

Yann Blake, Treasurer

Eugenia Hanniffy

Harry Fennell

Junyin Xiao

Patrycja Struzynska

Pierce O’Meara

Victor Destang




Dorian Fortin

Sophie O’Riordan

Niall Judge

Nathan Freret